Three Ways To “Dumpling Up” For The Holidays

December 20, 2017thetipsyhousewife

The holidays can be a stressful time for all of us.  I for one have FIVE, yes FIVE, Holiday parties to cook for in the week before Christmas alone.  Not to mention all the fun, yet taxing events leading up to Christmas and New Years.  As a food blogger, there is even more pressure to WOW the guests. I try to come up with easy, versatile recipes that I can bring to parties that also don’t break the bank.  Cooking can be expensive!  As I began to work on my Holiday menu, I was gifted an amazing treasure!

Chateau Foods creators of the World’s greatest dumplings, came to me and wanted to partner. Now many would hear the word “dumpling” and immediately think of Asian inspired, meat and veggie filled dumplings. While the dumplings you are maybe thinking of are truly delicious, Chateau Dumplings are delightfully different.  These dumplings are Czech style dumplings and are made from bread or potato and can be used in a delicious variety of ways.  To read about Chateau Dumplings, their history, their products and also where to purchase these dumplings click here.

My family has personally been cooking with Chateau dumplings for as long as I can remember.  Bread Dumplings, Roast Pork, Gravy and Red Cabbage have always been a Tipsy Family Favorite. Knowing their products were fantastic, when Chateau asked me to play around with some of their dumplings, I jumped at the chance! Even as a life long lover of Chateau products, I was still a little surprised at the versatility of their products.

I have created several delicious recipes using Chateau. With the holidays literally days away, I rounded out three recipes that will get you through your holiday mornings, snack times and dinner.

First up, French Toast Two Ways. If you love french toast, you need to know that Chateau Bread Dumplings make the PERFECT French Toast.  I replicated the Classic Chateau French Toast Recipe and created two new toppings to take that French Toast to next level status.

Bacon and Candied Walnut French Toast and Ham Gruyere Topped French Toast

These Sweet and Savory toppers are perfect for everyone in the family. For this easy recipe check it out here French Toast Two Ways

Next, I wanted to create an appetizer that would be appropriate for brunch or the evening.  I was able to create several appetizers, but one of my favorites was this Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche and Caper topped, pan-fried dumplings.

Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche & Caper Pan Fried Dumplings

This appetizer paired well with Mimosas or Martinis. For the recipe click here Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche & Caper Pan Fried Dumplings 

Finally, I wanted to create a savory side dish that would be the most requested dish at all your future holiday meals.  I took classic ingredients and created something a little bit new.  Smoked Kielbasa, Kraut, & Caraway Seed “stir fried” with Chateau Food’s NEW Mini Potato Dumplings.

Smoked Kielbasa, Kraut, Caraway Seeds & Mini Potato Dumpling Stir Fry

This recipe is elegant enough for a special meal but easy enough to make any day of the week.  For this recipe check it out here Smoked Kielbasa, Kraut, Caraway Seeds & Mini Potato Dumpling Stir Fry

Besides being delicious, Chateau Foods is a fourth generation, family owned local company that was started by immigrants.  They make quality products that can be used in a variety of ways and their products can be found in the frozen food section of most any grocery store.  For a complete list of where to buy including their newly added online store click here Where To Buy Chateau.  I personally love the idea of creating new recipes with a product my own Grandmother Lee cooked with for years before me.  I hope you enjoy these recipes and find new ways to use this Iconic Chicago Food.

Happy Eating & Happy Holidays

*This is a sponsored post about a long time favorite product of Tipsy’s and all opinions are my own.


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