The Ultimate Food Guide To Cure Your New Years Day Hangover

December 30, 2017thetipsyhousewife

Let’s face it, we all over indulge from time to time. We all know the feeling of not feeling well after a night out on the town, or in my case, a night at home. Some claim “the hair of the dog” is the only cure, but I disagree. The only cure is hangover food. I’m talking the salty, greasy, cheesy, buttery, variety that are oh so bad, but oh so good.

I’ve highlighted ten things I’ve eaten this year that would cure any NYE debacles. Hopefully it helps soothe your New Years Day pain!

Check out the list of Some of my favorite foods I’ve cooked, purchased but more importantly eaten in 2017!

Tacos, tacos and more tacos. These Authentic Street Tacos from pretty much every taco place in Rogers Park would do the trick. If you can’t get yourself to Rogers Park, any authentic steak taco will do. Pro tip, tacos are even more effective when eaten late at night after your party.

To read more about my Taco Tour of Rogers Park and all the fabulous tacos pictured , Click Here

A “greasy in a good way” gyro. This pork Belly gyro from Yeero Revolution would be my first choice. I mean this guy has French Fries IN IT! Crispy meat, savory seasonings, warm pita. All the comforts you need with none of the regrets, unlike some possible decisions you may have made while celebrating!

Mashed Potatoes are the ULTIMATE cure. These crock pot mashed potatoes I made would definitely do the trick. For the recipe click here. But if you can’t make your own, KFC & Popeyes are my “go to” and do a pretty nice job of making them!

A really solid Bloody Mary with all the salty fixings. Make it, buy it, doesn’t matter, just get one. Pro Tip, make your Bloody with beer instead of vodka for a surefire way of feeling like yourself again without crossing back over to the dark side.

Two words, Fried Anything. These battered chicken tenders from Mother Cluckers would be my first choice but really anything fried will do! But c’mon, a night filled with debauchery deserves a day filled with chicken tenders and ranch dressing.

Eggs Benedict like these from Cafe Robey. Nothing like a runny egg and some salty proteins to set you straight! Let’s be honest, hollandaise can make anyone feel better!

Make yourself some spicy fried potatoes and an over easy egg. The starch and the egg are a perfect combination. This is a version my dad used to make for me growing up that I make for myself now. Don’t forget the spicy red pepper flake. Bye bye hangover!

Pizza! Any sausage pizza you can get your hands on! This one is from my favorite spot in the Northwoods, so you Chicagoans won’t be eating this one. Luckily Chicago is known for its pizza. As favor I’ve included a list of my favorite pizza spots in Chicago and my favorite frozen pizza too!

Home Run Inn Frozen Pizza

Obbies Pizza on The Southwest Side

Lou Malnatis

JB Alberto’s In Rogers Park

Edison Park Inn On The Northwest Side

Morettis in Edison Park

Finally, Soup always hits the spot when I have the “wine flu”. Make yourself a big pot of my lasagna soup the night before and nurse yourself back to health! You can find the recipe for this soup below, as well as a few others that will do the trick!

Lasagna Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

Dumplings In Pork Belly Broth

Best Tomato Soup Ever

This list has a little something for everyone. May your New Years Eve be filled with fun and laughter and your New Years Day be filled with delicious food!

Happy New Year!

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