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May 24, 2018thetipsyhousewife

Let’s face it, once you reach a certain age, the idea of a night on the town loses its appeal. Frankly at 41 years old, I am TIRED at the end of the day and at 44 years old, Mr. Tipsy is pretty much senior citizen status. We don’t always feel like leaving the house after a long week of working. Because of Mr. Tipsy’s schedule at work, our days to go out on date night are Sundays or Mondays. Long ago I made it a steadfast rule to not have to comb my hair or put on a bra on Sunday so that pretty much rules out going anywhere on that day. That left us Monday to spend time catching up and re-connecting which is not exactly the best day to live it up. We soon got into a bad habit of doing nothing on Monday nights. Mr.  Tipsy would be in one room watching his shows and I would be in another catching up on Tipsy business until one of us decided it was time to figure out dinner. This was a becoming a bad habit and I decided I needed to do something to change it.  I wanted to think of ways we could stay in, still have some semblance of a date night, not spend a ton of money and me not to have to spend a ton of time in my kitchen.

I came up with the idea of Food Boards for two. Simple suppers for the two of us that required little to no cooking, and would  be something fun that we could snack on while catching up and watching our favorite TV shows. We decided not to watch our shows during the week and DVR them to watch together on Monday nights. It gives us something fun to look forward to. This has become our new Monday tradition. Our new date night consists of us taking our dogs for a walk together and then we come back and enjoy our fun little food board supper while watching our shows. I’m sharing three date night food boards we have enjoyed and even if you don’t cook, you can easily make these!

Food Board One

Nacho Dinner ~ Here is what you need:

To set it up, use a large cutting board or a tray that you have on hand. I purchased plastic colorful ramekins from the dollar store to use for the different components of my food boards plus it just makes for a prettier set up. I then set it up as it looks in the picture.


This whole meal cost about $20 with all ingredients purchased from my local Jewel-Osco. Way less than any takeout dinner would cost. The total prep time to make this was less than thirty minutes.  Clean up is also easy, you simply wrap the leftovers in each bowl with saran wrap or cover with foil and put in the fridge. If you use paper plates you only have to wash the forks!

Food Board 2

Gyro Greek Feast

Click Here For The Recipe


Food Board 3

Deconstructed Wedge Salad

Click Here For The Recipe


These are just three food boards I got creative with. Any meal can be made into a shareable meal for two. Have fun with it and come up with your own creations.  I would also like to add that food boards are not ONLY for date night. They make a great party idea or even a dinner for one.

Monday’s have become one of our favorite nights of the week. It is a relaxing and fun way to start the week out together reconnecting and having fun without having to leave the house. Or put a bra on…..

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