Grilled Vegetable Pasta Salad with Mazola Corn Oil

May 24, 2019thetipsyhousewife


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It’s finally warming up here in the Midwest and that means it’s time to spend time in our urban paradise, aka our deck known to those of you who have followed me as ‘The Garden of Eatin”. Our little outdoor space is another added living space in the Summer months. We do most of our cooking and dining there and we couldn’t love it more.I recently learned about cooking with Mazola® Corn Oil instead of Olive Oil and that A clinical study showed Mazola Corn Oil reduces cholesterol 2x more than extra virgin olive oil. To learn more about this claim, see

In the Summer months I tend to steer my cooking to the lighter side. It just seems to come naturally when we have access to so many fresh veggies and we have the grill readily accessible. I worked for a Chef many years ago who taught me about making grilled salads and I am obsessed with making them all summer long. For as long as I have been cooking I have used Olive Oil in a lot of my recipes and other oils like corn and veggie oils for baking and frying.

I am so happy that using the Mazola Corn Oil made this a better-for-you option. With cholesterol-blocking plant sterols, Mazola Corn Oil is a heart-healthy choice for salad dressings, marinades and more. More good news if you’re interested in trying Mazola Corn Oil – you can text MAZOLA to 79495 between 6/20/19 – 9/26/19 to receive $1.00 back on your purchase of Mazola 40oz Corn Oil! Limit 1 rebate per household. PayPal account required. By texting, you expressly consent to receive multiple automated text messages on this offer. Consent not required as a condition of purchase. Message & data rates apply. Text HELP or STOP to 79495 at any time. Full terms:​.

As Mister Tipsy and I get older, eating healthier and heart health becomes more important to us. I learned that Mazola Corn Oil is not just for baking and frying but can be used as an all-purpose, cholesterol free cooking oil that is a smarter, heart healthy choice for us. Beside baking it can be used, grilling, sautéing, stir frying, making a marinade or a salad dressing. Also, fun fact, home cooks may not realize that all cooking oils have a smoke point that, once exceeded, not only negatively affect the food’s flavor and nutritional value. Mazola has a smoke point higher than most cooking oils at 450°F which also is a selling point for me since I do so many different recipes.

I love trying new products so I decided I had to give this a try and use it in a recipe I was making for a Grilled Veggie Pasta Salad. The healthier alternative of this corn oil inspired me to make some other changes to my recipe to lighten it up even more. Here are the ways I decided to change up my recipe to make it a bit better for us.

  • Since I was cooking on the grill at a high heat, I used the Mazola Corn Oil instead of Olive Oil due to the smoke point factor.
  • I reduced the amount of pasta I usually use and added more bulk to the salad with vegetables.
  • I reduced the sodium content by making my own dressing for the salad with Mazola Corn Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and fresh veggies and herbs instead of using my usual bottle dressing.

I will show you how to make this great grilling Summer recipe.

The recipe is easy and you can basically use any vegetables you choose or have access to. I used red peppers, green onions, purple onions, limes, garlic, zucchini, mini tri-color peppers, and some fresh flat leaf parsley. Again, you can use any veggies you like, I chose these for the color and the fresh flavors.

Step One: wash and prep your veggies. I rough chopped my veggies and left the smaller peppers and green onions whole. I cut the top off the garlic bulb and split the limes in half. However you choose to cut these veggies, make sure they are large enough to not fall through the slats on the grill. You will be cutting these veggies smaller after they are grilled before you add them to your pasta. How you cut them for the grill isn’t super important.


Step Two: Use a brush to brush all the veggies with the Mazola Corn Oil. That is the ONLY prep. I decided to let the veggie flavor shine through so I didn’t add any seasoning or salt to the veggies for grilling. What I liked about the Mazola Corn Oil is that it has a neutral taste that lets the natural flavor of your food stand out.


Step Three: Add the veggies to your grill that has been heated. I usually heat my grill up to about 350 to 400 degrees. Place your veggies on the grill and turn every couple of minutes. You want to make sure they are getting a nice char, and you don’t want to cook them too long, you want to have some crunch to them. I cooked my veggies for about 12 minutes total. Just keep your eye on them and make sure they do not burn, but some char marks are good. While the veggie cook, it is time to make your easy dressing and boil your pasta.


Step Four: Cook your pasta according to the package directions. You want to use a hearty pasta for this dish. I used cork screw pasta and decided to use LESS pasta then I normally do. I cooked up two cups of pasta while I prepared my dressing.


Step Five: The dressing is so super simple. 1/3 C of Mazola Corn Oil, 1/3 C of Balsamic Vinegar. I added some garlic and onion powders, chili powder a pinch of salt, some black pepper and some dill.  I never like to give measurements to spices because it is a matter of personal taste. My advice, add a little, taste and adjust. I also minced up about 1/2 C of fresh flat leaf parsley. When your veggies are done grilling you are also going to squeeze the grilled lime juice into the dressing and as many grilled garlic cloves as you like. I added about four. Give this all a whisk until combined and set it aside.




Step Six: Remove your veggies from the grill, drain your pasta and rinse the pasta in cold water. When your veggies are cooled, cut them into bite sized pieces. I left the small peppers whole, because they made it look so pretty and those peppers are perfect for biting into.



Step Seven: Toss everything together. Mix well. This recipe can be served warm or you can store it in the fridge overnight and serve it cold.



I am so happy that using the Mazola Corn Oil made this a heart healthier option. With cholesterol-blocking plant sterols, Mazola Corn Oil is a heart-healthy choice for salad dressings, marinades and more. More good news if you’re interested in trying Mazola Corn Oil, you can Text MAZOLA to 79495 and earn $1.00 cash back on Mazola 40oz Corn Oil! Limited quantity of offers; available while supplies last. Carriers are not responsible or liable for undelivered or delayed messages. Text TERMS, HELP or STOP to 79495 at any time. No purchase necessary to send/receive messages.

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