Cold Brew Coffee Cubes

It’s the holiday season and I know we are all looking for fun news ways to enjoy old favorites. A couple of followers sent me a recipe for a cocktail made with Irish cream and coffee cubes. Of course I was intrigued and the recommendations couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

I recently agreed to partner with an unbelievable organization, Aspire Coffeeworks. Aspire is collaborating with Metropolis Coffee where adults with disabilities work side by side with coffee experts to bring you some of the best tasting coffee I’ve had in a long time. Check their links to learn more about this groundbreaking partnership that shows that adults with disabilities can be productive and resourceful members of the workforce. Also, more good news, 100% of the proceeds from the coffee goes to Aspire to fund even more bold and amazing programs from adults and children with disabilities! Ps. This coffee makes a great gift!

I decided to take this fantastic coffee and create those coffee cubes everyone was sending me!

Here’s what you need

  • 4, 1 quart canning jars
  • Small mesh strainer
  • Paper towels
  • Coffee that is ground
  • Water

Here’s what you do

  • Add 1/2 C of coffee to each jar.
  • Fill each jar to the top with water.
  • Turn jars several times until the coffee is mixed well with the water.
  • Place in fridge overnight and continue to occasionally turn jars to keep the coffee mixed with the water.
  • Place the mesh strainer on the mouth of the empty jar, place one paper towel in the strainer and strain the coffee. This will take about 45 minutes as the coffee steeps through the mesh strainer.
  • Fill 4 ice cube trays with the coffee and freeze over night.

This is a fun an effective way of making iced coffee and also use to the cubes the next time you have a taste for an Irish cream! This makes a great holiday party cocktail too! Please be sure to check out Aspire Coffeeworks too!