Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Almond Crunch

I have been in the mindset of reducing the food waste in my household. One of the ways I have done this is by signing up for Imperfect Produce. If you aren’t familiar with Imperfect Produce, you can read about it HERE. Basically, Imperfect Produce sells the unwanted produce that grocery stores deem “too ugly”. Imperfect delivers produce right to my door once a week. This has motivated me to try all different kinds of veggie recipes. I am having so much fun getting creative. One of the other ways I am trying to reduce food waste is by using components of other recipes to create new recipes. Last week I made a Classic Original Tipsy recipe, an Asian Inspired Crunchy Ramen Salad. This week, Imperfect sent me some pretty perfect Brussels Sprouts. I had dressing leftover from the Ramen Salad as well as some of the crunchy ramen and almond topping that was for the top of the salad. I decided to use both to make this Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Almond Crunch recipe that we had for dinner this week!

Crispy Ramen Noodles, Napa Cabbage, Soy Sauce, Salad
Crunchy Ramen Noodle Salad

To make the Dressing and Crunchy topping I mention about, follow the recipe that you can find HERE.

The rest is easy, all you need to do is wash and trim about 1lb of Brussels Sprouts, dry on some paper towels, toss with the oil of your choice and roast in an oven at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes.

When the brussels are done, throw them in a bowl, toss with the Asian Dressing and toss to coat. Serve with the crunchy ramen noodles and almonds on top. I also topped with some fresh herbs, but this is optional.

brussel sprouts
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Asian Inspired Dressing and Almond Crunch

This recipe is a great way to stretch your food budget, reduce food waste and eat healthier.

If you are interested in trying Imperfect Produce, you can go to their website HERE

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I receive a small commission for every person who signs up that I use to buy more veggies! Lets be ugly eaters together!