Tipsy’s Top 5 Chicago Gourmet, Drinks

In addition to the Amazing Food Offerings at Chicago Gourmet, there is the booze.  Vodka, Whisky, Bourbon, Gin, Wine, Bubbly, you name it, it’s there.  I sampled pretty much all of it, but these are the Top 5 that really made my Tipsy Day complete!

The Frosé from Mariano’s

Color My Buzz Pink!
If you are a Tipsy follower, you know that I am Fan Girl Status over Mariano’s Grocery Store. I pretty much am at Mariano’s every day of the week. If I wasn’t already in love, this Rosé sealed the already done deal.  I was also excited to meet my Businesswoman Idol, Amanda Puck, Director of Strategic Brand Development for the Company and former Original Host of my favorite show, Check Please! She pointed me in the direction of the Frosé and for that I was eternally grateful. The Frosé was a welcome refresher on this scorcher of a day! Needless to say I went back for more.

Tipsy & Amanda Puck of Mariano’s Market

The Whisky High Ball from Suntory Whisky

Whisky High Ball
The ice in this drink impressed me first and foremost and the silky, sweet and slightly spicy finish had me hooked.  I have to admit I went back a few times for a refill.  I normally don’t drink whiskey during the day, but this was so light an refreshing it was a perfect day drink.  I will be buying a bottle of this.

The Lemon Vodka Spritzer from Grey Goose

Grey Goose Spritzer
Need I say more? This was icy, cold, refreshing and thirst quenching.  I need to make this one at home!  I also have to compliment the booth that Grey Goose put together.  When you stepped it you were transported to Paris and it was just lovely.

The Licorice Delight made with The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet Cocktail
I have to be honest, Scotch is not one of my favorite things in the world.  After trying this drink, it changed my mind.  I had imbibed in quite a few cocktails at this point so to be perfectly transparent, I don’t remember a lot of details about it. What I do remember is the licorice and smooth drink-ability that will have me coming back for more. I need to find a company representative and get this cocktail recipe for sure.

The Frappe Chata by Rumchata

FrappeChata from Rumchata
If this didn’t make my whole day, I don’t know what did.  This was the perfect pick me up to sip on a few times throughout the day.  Cooled you off and woke you up!  A delightful combination of Coffee and Horchata.  One word, delicious.

Ok, I  lied, there was a sixth favorite. But of course there is, I AM The Tipsy Housewife after all!

The Pushpop Jell-O shot from Fremont Chicago

Jell-O Shot Push Pop from Fremont Chicago
You guys! This was a Jell-O Shot that was a push pop! It really doesn’t get more fun than that.  It was also just so pretty to look at that I ALMOST didn’t want to eat it. Emphasis on the ALMOST!

My experience this year at Chicago Gourmet was over the top fun.  It is a class act festival that showcases Chicago in all it’s Culinary Glory!  I hope you enjoyed my Tipsy Tour of Chicago Gourmet and I hope to see you there in 2018!
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Happy Eating & Drinking!