Caramel Apple Slices

It’s apple season and if you’re anything like us you have a plethora of apples on hand from that family outing to that orchard. We all love caramel apples, but they aren’t easy to eat. They are especially hard for the little ones to master. I made these Caramel Apple Slices for after school snack and it was hard to say who loved them more, me or the kiddos. This isn’t a recipe necessarily because I didn’t technically MAKE anything for this snack, but this is what I used to make these Caramel Apple Slices:

Caramel Apple Slices
A fabulous Fall after school snack


  • 2 Large Honeycrisp Apples, sliced into 1/2 inch slices.
  • 1 C of Honey Roasted Peanuts, crushed up
  • 1 lb Container of Caramel Apple Dip, I found it in the produce section of my grocery store.

This is all you needed to make these. Here is what I did.


  • Sliced the apples into one inch slices so i had perfect, apple shaped slices.
  • Crushed up the peanuts in a ziploc bag with a large can.
  • Pat the apple slices dry with a paper towel, then spread the caramel apple dip on each slice.
  • Top with crushed peanuts.

That is all there is to the caramel apple slices. The older kids can even make them with a little help from a grown up with the cutting. Little kids like to help crush up the peanuts. I hope you enjoy these as much as we did!


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