Tipsy’s Tour of Five Wisconsin Bloody Mary Hot Spots.

December 4, 2017thetipsyhousewife


The Bloody Mary is a weekend staple for The Tipsy Housewife, especially when I am up visiting the North Woods.  Typically, Original Tipsy and I make it a point to escape the men on a Saturday, and enjoy one or maybe even two Bloody’s at our favorite spots in town.  This trip we definitely needed a Girls Day Out so we decided to forgo our usual spots and become Bloody Mary Pioneers.  We explored five different spots to check out their Bloody Mary offerings, and we were NOT disappointed. Come with us on our journey of exploration for some of the best Bloody Mary’s in the Northwoods!

Tipsy & Original Tipsy at Bent’s Camp in Land-o-Lakes, Wisconsin

Stop One ~ Bent’s Camp, Land-o-Lakes, Wisconsin

Bloody Mary from Bent’s Camp with A Spotted Cow Beer Back

Bent’s Camp is a resort, lodge, bar and restaurant on Mamie Lake, which is part of the famous Cisco Chain of Lakes.  It was established in 1896 and it is still going strong.  If anyone is a fan of the movie Dirty Dancing, it reminds me of a smaller version of the place where the movie took place.  Super picturesque and lots of fun activities for all ages. Check out this map of the property!


The Bloody Mary at Bent’s was great.  I personally do not like the tomato juice to be too thick or too spicy and this one was neither. Perfect texture, great garnish and just enough pizzazz. I also enjoy an icy cold beer back with my Bloody and Bent’s Camp gives you your choice of beers.  They have a great menu to boot. We snacked on fried pickles, poutine, shrimp, pretzels and more. The view can’t be beat either, picture perfect views of Mamie Lake from every seat at the bar. For more information about Bent’s Camp, check out the link here.

Bent’s Camp

Bent’s Camp Bloody
Views For Days At Bent’s Camp

Stop 2 ~ Black Oak Inn, Land-o-Lakes, Wisconsin

Bloody Mary at The Black Oak Inn in Land-o-Lakes, Wisconsin

The Black Oak Inn is one of the cutest places I have been.  First off, the bartender was as sweet as can be.  Super friendly and really passionate about the drinks and the menu.  When you walk in the smell of fresh popped popcorn fills the air. The log cabin walls make you feel so cozy and warm, which is important in the Northwoods.  My parent’s loved The Bloody Mary, it has a nice beefy taste to it and it is not too spicy at all. Served in a celery salt rimmed pint glass, it is a perfect starter to any meal.  The menu at The Back Oak Inn offered lots of in-house made items including Panini. I also spied quite the burger another patron was eating. Definitely a must when you’re in Lando. For more information about The Black Oak Inn, check the link here to their Facebook page.

The Black Oak Inn

Not sure what number Bloody this is, all I know is I am happy!

Stop 3 ~ Club 45, Conover, Wisconsin

Bloody Mary at Club 45 in Conover, Wisconsin

If it’s possible to be in love with a business, this would be the place I would fall in love with.  Owned by two of the nicest people you will ever meet, Dave & Jen Payne, who make you feel like family when you come in. Even if they never met you! My parent’s have been coming to this bar for quite some time since they are one of the few places to show the Chicago Bears Games. I might also mention they are a Cubs & Hawks bar too. Trust me, as Chicago folks, that is hard to find in Northern Wisconsin.  The Bloody Mary at Club 45 was delicious. What I like most about this one was the pickles on the top, they tasted homemade, but I forgot to ask.

Another great Bloody Mary view at Club 45

I feel the need to talk about one more endearing quality of this place.  On every table were these sweet hand made coasters.  I asked the owner Jen what was the story since it’s not something you typically see in a bar. Jen told me that a customer had been coming in and bringing her own homemade coaster and they liked they idea so much they commissioned her to make enough for the whole place. That was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Oh, they also have a rockin Old Fashioned too! For more information about Club 45, including their menu check the link to their facebook page here.

Club 45

Fabulous Old Fashioned & Homemade Coaster at Club 45 in Conover, Wisconsin

Stop 4 ~ Sayner Pub, Sayner, Wisconsin

Bloody Mary, Sayner Pub, Sayner, Wisconsin

Sayner is a place neither Original Tipsy or I have been to.  Kind of a far trek from our place in Watersmeet, Michigan, but now we know….worth the drive.  I found Sayner Pub through a recommendation from a reader.  I cannot remember who it was that recommended it but Thank You!

The Bar & Handpainted Ceiling at Sayner Pub

The atmosphere was worth the drive.  Warm inviting space, friendly people at the bar and a GREAT bartender.  The ceiling in the bar area was handpainted by the bartender’s Grandfather when they first opened. One half of the ceiling is a map of all the lakes and the other half is a beautiful, wintery ski scene. Talk about a WOW factor. Don’t forget to notice the Sled hanging upside down over the pool table too!

This tour was not a Bloody Mary contest, but if it was, I am pretty sure the Sayner Pub may have gotten my vote for top Bloody Mary. Great glass, great texture, great spice and awesome garnish.  I mean who doesn’t love a huge chunk of Summer Sausage with their Bloody?  We also enjoyed some Chicken Tenders and Fried Walleye Bobbers at the bar.  I cannot wait to go back and try the pizza.  I also saw the bartneder mixing up a perfect Old Fashioned so of course I had to have one of those too! Two thumbs up. For more information about the Sayner Pub, check the link to their website here.

Sayner Pub

Bloody Mary at Sayner Pub, Sayner, Wisconsin

Stop 5 ~ Fibbers Bar at The St. Germain Lodge & Resort, St. Germain, Wisconsin

Bloody Mary at Fibbers Bar and Restaurant, Saint Germain, Wisconsin

Fibbers is situated across the street from Big St. Germain Lake. It’s located inside the lodge. The Bloody Mary was also a solid one, my favorite part was the celery salt sprinkled all over the top. The bartender was friendly and the view was incredible.  The bar featured a beautiful wood refrigerator that we couldn’t take our eyes off of.  They also had these cool and innovative wooden bar trays to make eating at the bar easier. Eating at the bar is something we love, so we will be back to make use of this invention! Check it out below! For more information on Fibbers and The St. Germain Lodge check out the link here.

Fibbers Bar & Restaurant

Original Tipsy making great use of the innovative bar tray at Fibbers bar in St. Germain.

Overall I would say it was a highly successful Bloody Mary Tour.  This is not the end. I plan to head up in January to enjoy more of what the Northwoods has to offer.  As always if you have any recommendations for food or drinks, please email me at and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram & Facebook for more Tipsy fun!

Happy Drinking!



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