Lunch Time Ideas To Keep Your Lil Kicker (and you) Kicking

March 5, 2018thetipsyhousewife


For those of you that don’t know, part of my job as The Tipsy Housewife, is that I “Housewife” for two families on the North Shore of Chicago.  My duties include anything you can think of that is synonymous with the word Housewife.  I clean, shop, carpool, do laundry, walk dogs, plan activities, and feed anywhere from 1 to 6 kids a day.

The majority of my days are spent with two little ones, ages 1.5 and an almost 4 year old! I have been with both of these littles since the day they were born.  There is an old saying about children that the days are long but the years are short, and this is so very true. Some days I look at these kids and I think, where has the time gone.  I am very lucky that their mother’s chose me to help take care of them and I am thankful every day.  With that saying in mind, living in Chicago, Winter’s can make the days VERY long, and cold.  We are always looking for something to do and recently, we signed both kids up for Lil Kickers Soccer. Both families are long time Lil Kickers veterans, as well as fans of the program.

A couple of the things we love about the program is the open enrollment, so we were able to join right in when we wanted and didn’t have to wait for a new session to start. We also love the high energy instruction, and the child centered perspective of each class.  The classes are of course centered around the sport of soccer, but the fine and gross motor skills the kids are developing during the instruction and activities carry over into all aspects of their development.  The little guy who attends class, LOVES his Coach, this has been the first experience in a class where he is 100% fully participating and engaged and we have been very impressed.  He runs and moves the ENTIRE time he is there and he builds up an appetite. When we leave class he is STARVING! Since getting him to eat has been an off an on issue, this is yet another additional perk of the program.

Inspired by the fine motor skills component of the Lil Kickers Soccer Curriculum, I decided to continue the momentum at home with our lunch time preparation and eating.  The little guy and I have come up with SIX easy lunch recipes that you can make at home to fuel your Lil Kicker!

Smoothie In A Jar


This is a fan favorite week after week.  What we like most about it is that we can make it ahead of time, put it in a jar, and its all ready to go after Lil Kickers Soccer. We like to mix it up every once in awhile but our favorite combo so far is – Vanilla Yogurt + Kale + Blueberries + Banana.  The little guy loves to peel the banana, remove the kale from the stem, spoon the yogurt into the blender, and count out his blueberries.  He also loves to push the blender button on, just make sure the lid is on tight!  The veggies and fruit in this are great for the little guy after all the running he does on the soccer field.  Pro-tip, make extra for yourself and you can drink your lunch on the go too!

Hawaiian Sliders


These four bite sandwiches are great for the kids or the grown ups. They pack easily in a bag to bring to eat after soccer class, or they are a quick lunch option when you get home.  They are simply King’s Hawaiian Rolls, Deli Ham, American Cheese and Mayo.  Kids can spread the mayo on the buns using a plastic spoon, fold the lunch meat to fit the bun and fold the cheese into squares. Last week, the little guy burned up so much energy he at THREE of these for lunch! I may have too…… Pro Tip – These also taste great warmed up!

Packaged Ramen with a Healthy Twist


The kids love ramen, but the packaged kind can be high in salt.  Therefore, I make the typical packaged ramen noodles in homemade broth, or I use half of the seasoning packet.  We also like to thrown in fresh veggies like spinach, kale or leafy greens.  I have the kids tear the greens and let them mix them into their bowl of hot soup.  It’s always a great fine motor exercise to try and twirl the noodles onto their spoons! Because of all the running the kids do during their class, the leafy greens provide major muscle benefits post workout!

Fruit & Whipped Yogurt


The kids love this one, plus its so easy!  Simply whip equal parts lite kool whip with your favorite yogurt. This is a super fun activity for little ones. Slice up your favorite fruit and dip away! There are so many fun kids in the Lil Kickers Soccer classes and also inevitably, germs. The vitamins in fruit help boost their little immune systems. This is also a great lunch for grown ups that keeps well in the fridge for a few days!  Pro Tip, serve this as a healthy dessert too!

Grilled Cheese Using Tipsy’s Top Secret Tip


Grilled Cheese is the best, need I say more? We use two tricks to making the best grilled cheese ever: sliced brioche and butter the outside of the bread with mayo, for a perfectly grilled sandwich.  Kids can spread the mayo, layer the cheese, and help cut the sandwich into quarters using a plastic knife and help from a grown up. Pro Tip,  make two, you’re going to want one.

Ham & Cheese Egg White Cupsimg_1893

When I meal prep, I make a bunch of hardboiled eggs. The kids only like the whites, so I keep a bunch handy for the kids to snack on.  Take the cups, have your little one help you with putting a dollop of mayo inside each cup. Kids can help roll the ham, you can slice into smaller rounds, dice some cheddar and assemble! You can also have little ones sprinkle cheese too!  These are fun little bites packed with protein!  These make a great grown up lunch too!

All in all Lil Kickers Soccer has been a win/win for me, the parents and the kids. We have something fun to do, the kids are developing social, emotional, and cognitive skills, and best of all they build up an appetite and want to EAT! No more lunch time arguments!

These lunch and snack ideas are good for kids of all ages and for grown ups too!

To learn more about the awesome programs Lil Kickers offers, Check Out their website by clicking HERE!

**this post is sponsored by LK Soccer however all opinions are my own

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