You May Be A Terrible Cook If…. ~ A Fourth Of July Recipe Round Up for People Who Can’t Cook.

June 28, 2018thetipsyhousewife

Do you get asked to bring the plates and cups to Bbq’s and Potluck Parties? Have you ever been asked to make a dish a second time after bringing it to a party? If the answer to both of those questions is a firm NO. I am here to tell you….you may be a terrible cook!

The good news is, that can be changed without even having to take cooking lessons! I am here to share with you some recipes that even the worst cooks can make. This is perfect timing since the Summer Party of the Year is coming up next week. The Big Bbq, the time for you to shine. The Fourth of July!

I gathered 5 of my favorite Pot Luck Recipes that even a Paper Plate Purchaser can make. The first one is my newest recipe:

Skillet Bbq Baked Bean Casserole


This dish takes zero knife skills and all you have to do is brown some ground beef and add some seasonings. Simple Right?!  CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

The Next recipe is one that I get asked to make over and over again:

Taco Dip


The only requirements for this recipe is opening stuff, stirring and spreading. You can hack up the tomatoes for the top, use a jar of salsa in their place or omit them all together. CLICK HERE FOR THIS RECIPE

I semi sort of made up the next recipe after thinking about how much I enjoyed a wedge salad at a restaurant the night before. I did some google searches and found some recipes sort of like what I wanted to make but not quite so I put my own spin on it.

Wedge Salad Dip


If you want to make this CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

If opening up jars is your thing, then this next recipe will be right up your alley. This recipe is for DIY meatballs but you can easily sub frozen cocktail meatballs for this.

Fancy Cocktail Meatballs


If this is your jam, CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

The last recipe I will share requires three ingredients but it will wow your friends and family.

Stuffed Celery


i think you will agree that this looks eye-catching and it literally will cost you $8 or less to make. For this recipe CLICK HERE.

Remember that the holiday is next week so this is the weekend to shop for your ingredients and be prepared! If you make any of these special recipes you will never be asked to bring paper plates again!

Happy Cooking!




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