Grilled Marinated Sweet Peppers

May 16, 2023thetipsyhousewife

Grilled Marinated Sweet Peppers

These Grilled Marinated Sweet Peppers are the perfect topping to your Italian Beef and Italian Sausage Sandwiches. Char these on your grill, then place in a covered bowl to soften the skins so they easily peel from the pepper. Marinated in a sweet vinegar and olive oil with some oregano, salt and sugar. These peppers will be the perfect topping to all your Summer sandwiches. The full, written recipe is at the end of this post, but there are some pictures and paragraphs before the recipe for those who need clarification.

Burn Baby Burn

The peppers literally burn on the grill. Do not be alarmed when the skins turn super black. The peppers will not have a burned taste. Only the outer layer of the pepper is what is burning. Some say that this is the part of the pepper that gives heartburn. If you get heartburn from peppers usually, you may not get it from these.

Peppers In A Bowl

When the peppers are charred on all sides and the top and bottom, add them to a bowl and cover them tightly. This is so the steam helps loosen the skin from the pepper. Leaving you with a tender sweet pepper to marinate.

How To Remove The Skin

I explain this in the full recipe below, but I remove the stem first which is also attached to the bunch of the seeds. There will be some seeds that get into the bowl, but your goal is to remove the stem and the seeds as fully as possible and intact.

You will easily be able to rub the charred parts of the skin when you have it in a flat piece like this after you remove the stem and the seeds.
There will be some black charred pieces and that is ok. You will also have some seeds and that is ok too.

Seasoning and Herbs

I include measurements for the salt, sugar, olive oil and rice wine vinegar. These are just a suggestion and you can adjust them to your preference. I like a lot of oregano and a lot of salt. You can adjust this to be sweeter or saltier to your preference. I use rice wine vinegar in my recipe which is salty and sweet on it’s own, so be sure to account for this.

Sausage Sandwiches

I use these on my Italian Sausage Sandwiches. It is delicious. You can also use these peppers on my easy Italian Beef recipe.

Yield: 10 to 12 servings

Grilled Marinated Sweet Peppers

Grilled Marinated Sweet Peppers

These grilled and marinated sweet peppers are the perfect topping for your Italian Sausage or Italian Beef Sandwiches. They have a few specific steps to make them erfect, but the steps are easy. Salty, sweet with a hefty pinch of oregano. You will make these year round.


  • *This recipe can be doubled and seasonings should be adjusted to your taste preferences
  • 3 Very Large Green Peppers
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup of rice wine vinegar or 1/4 of rice wine and 1/4 of balsamic
  • 1 tablespoon of white sugar
  • Couple of hefty pinches of kosher salt
  • 1 tablespoon or more of dried oregano
  • *you will need a grill


  1. Turn your grill on high heat. I have used my gas stove inside to do this as well. If you use your stove, please use caution and watch VERY carefully. I recommend the grill for safety reasons.
  2. Scrub your peppers and dry them well. be sure to remove the sticker from them if they have one.,
  3. Add the peppers to the grill over the direct flame. Allow the peppers to sit there until they turn VERY black and charred. The outer layer will be burning off, this is ok.
  4. Turn the peppers, and allow every side to get black and charred and then turn onto the top and the bottom. Again, the whole pepper will be burned.
  5. Get a glass or metal bowl and add the burned peppers to the bowl. Then cover the bowl with a lid, plate, foil or plastic wrap. You want to create a barrier so the peppers then steam from their own heat. The bowl will be hot, so be careful. I let the peppers sit on the counter , covered for about an hour or so.
  6. This is the only hard part. Rubbing the charred skin off the peppers. Get a clean bowl and a plate to work on. The peppers will still be slightly hot, so be careful. You want to remove the core from the top, this also has the bunch of seeds attached to it. You want to pull this out keeping as many seeds intact as possible. There will be some seeds left, a few is ok, but try to keep as many seeds out as possible. Discard this stem/core/seed piece.
  7. It is easier to rub the skin off the outer layer if you remove the core, then tear the pepper so that it is in a flat piece. It may split, into a couple, smaller, flatter pieces. Next, you will peel the charred skin ofd and you can also rub it off. Discard this. There may be a little charred pieces left, that is ok. You will be left with a soft piece of pepper.
  8. Add the peeled peppers to the clean bowl, work in batches and peel all the peppers.
  9. Add the sugar and salt to the peppers and toss them well to coat.
  10. Add the oil and vinegar, and the oregano. Toss to coat.
  11. I let the peppers soak in this for a couple hours. Then chop them up or cut them up with kitchen scissors.
  12. I like these to sit 24 hours before serving. Cover them and put them in the fridge. They will be best the next day. They can last about a week or so in a sealed container.

*photos of all of these steps are in the blog post if you just skipped here to the recipe.Again, taste this and you can adjust the seasoning to your preference.

Roasted Tomatoes

If you are interested in how i make these tomatoes on the grill, follow along with the pictures and captions below.

I make a bowl by layering 3 pieces of foil and pressing it into a small bowl.
I add in a pint of grape tomatoes, add about a tablespoon of olive oil, some kosher salt, some garlic powder and a leaf or two of fresh basil
Bundle up the foil and place on grill on indirect heat
After about 30 minutes, they should be done, break up the tomatoes with a spoon

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