Breakfast Sausage Dippers With Hollandaise Sauce

December 19, 2022thetipsyhousewife

Breakfast Sausage Dippers with Hollandaise Sauce

Who says appetizers can’t be for breakfast. This breakfast combines all of mine and Mister Tipsy’s breakfast favorites in one. This is a perfect breakfast to make ahead of time and bake when needed. It is also a fun breakfast to eat on busy mornings when you don’t feel like cooking a big breakfast but want something special. Breakfast Sausage Dippers with Hollandaise Sauce are made with maple breakfast sausage, crescent rolls and Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. I find the seasoning everywhere, even Aldi. I use the Knorr Packet Of Hollandaise, but you are also welcome to make your own. The full, printable recipe is at the end of this post. I will just share a few tips before we get there.

Make Ahead And Relax In The Morning

This is a great breakfast to make the day before and pop in the oven when you are ready to eat. These take no time at all to make. Make them ahead of time and save yourself stress. This is a great appetizer for Christmas morning or New Years Day Brunch. They are addicting so I highly recommend making a double batch if you have a bigger family.

More Breakfast Ideas

One of my other favorite breakfast recipe are the Breakfast potatoes. This recipe you can make in your crockpot which is super convenient. This Breakfast Potato Casserole is the perfect pairing for these sausage dippers.

Breakfast Sausage Dippers with Hollandaise Sauce

Yield: Serves 6

Breakfast Sausage Dippers With Hollandaise Sauce

Breakfast Sausage Dippers With Hollandaise Sauce

Who says appetizers are not for breakfast?! These Breakfast Sausage Dippers are a great way to start the morning. Sausage meets Crescent Rolls meets Hollandaise Sauce. This takes no time at all to assemble, cook up quickly and make for some great morning nibbles.


  • 1 8 ounce Roll of Crescents
  • 1 12 ounce package of Maple Breakfast Sausage Links
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 tablespoons of Everything But The Bagel Seasoning
  • 1 .9 ounce packet of Knorr Hollandaise Sauce + the 1 cup of milk and 1/4 cup of butter needed to make this packet according to the package directions


  1. Unroll the crescents and try to avoid best you can tearing them apart at the perforated cuts. I keep them in rectangles and cut each rectangle into four strips. Don't stress this step, you just need need enough dough to wrap around each sausage, they do not have to be perfect.
  2. Roll each sausage in one crescent roll strip from end to end. Place on a baking sheet that is covered with foil and sprayed with non stick spray.
  3. Crack one egg and add a tablespoon of water, whisk. Brush the egg mixture on each wrapped sausage link, and sprinkle each one with the everything but the bagel seasoning.
  4. Bake at 375 degrees for about 12 to 15 minutes or until the sausages are cooked and the crescents are golden brown.
  5. If you like your sausages extra well done you can sauté them in a skillet, let them cool, then wrap and bake.
  6. Make the hollandaise packet according to package directions, serve with the sausage rolls.

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