The Perfect Ham & Cheese Sandwich

I love a good sandwich. In fact it is one of my most favorite recipes as well as Mr. Tipsy’s! Below I crafted a step by step guide to the perfect sandwich using your grocery store’s salad bar that will help cut costs and well as eliminate food waste!


What You Will Need

From the salad bar:

  • lettuce
  • shredded purple cabbage
  • shaved purple onion
  • cucumbers
  • pepperocini
  • red pepper strips
  • one single packet of Italian Dressing

From the deli:

  • 1/3lb Shaved Krakus Polish Ham (must be shaved)
  • 4 thin slices of Land O Lake American Cheese (must be thin sliced)

From The Store:

  • Small bag of doritos
  • One Sandwich Roll, I used Kaiser

The steps to making this sandwich are key.

  1. Use some mustard and mayo on each side of the sliced roll. (If you don’t have mustard and mayo at home, use the little packets they have by the deli made sandwiches)


2. Distribute the shaved ham evenly on one side of the roll.


3.Next place the shredded veggies and the lettuce on top of the ham. I had to shred the lettuce a little bit more.

4. Use about a tablespoon of the italian dressing packet over the shredded veggies. Reserve the rest for another time.


5. Next , add your crunchy veggies, I used cucumber and red pepper, this is where you would also put a sliced pickle or tomato if you chose those as toppings. The next step is my secret ingredient.


6. Doritos! I used three perfect chips.


7. Finally, use your 4 slices of cheese to hold all the toppings together.


Now all you have to do is top your sandwich with your bun. Cut it in half and serve it with the remaining chips, a pickle or a pepper, and your bevy of choice!

All of this was around $5 to make!