Pepper and Egg Sandwich

March 26, 2018thetipsyhousewife

This time of year, I get many requests for meat free recipes from many people who observe the Lenten season. This always get me thinking about something Mister Tipsy’s Grandma said that “if you had eggs in the house, then you had what you needed to make a meal” While Grandma Josie has been gone for quite a few years, her words still resonate with me and had me thinking about using eggs to create simple yet delicious meals. I started to do some research on how I could up my Egg Making Game, and found some simple tips and tricks to make even the simplest egg dish outstanding. I tested out many of the ones I found and rounded out the top ten that were the most effective way of making the best tasting eggs.

1 Never crack the eggs directly into the pan.Cracking them into a separate bowl not only prevents shells from getting into your dish but also to control where in your pan the eggs cook.

2 Heat is key, especially when cooking scrambled eggs.The best trick I learned was turning OFF your pan a minute or two before your scrambled eggs are done to ensure a perfect consistency.

3 For scrambled eggs, slowly add melted to butter (and never oil) to your pan before and during the scrambling process.

4 For fried eggs, only use oil and always use a metal spatula. BEFORE adding your eggs, heat your spatula in the oil to prevent the eggs from sticking to the spatula when flipping.

5 For creamy scrambled eggs, slowly stir the eggs with a rubber spatula the ENTIRE time they are cooking. Low and Slow is key.

6 Use an ice bath for your hard boiled eggs and drop them in immediately after boiling to assist in the peeling process and stop the cooking process.

7 For poached eggs, add a few teaspoons of vinegar to the water and also crack eggs into a small bowl to slowly ease them into the water.

8 Julia Child taught to use a pin and poke a small hole in the egg shell before poaching eggs.

9 Warm your egg plates that you plan to serve on to keep eggs at a perfect temp.

10 Use fresh eggs. Check the Julian date on the carton, NOT the expiration date. The Julian Date states what date the eggs were packed and are at their best four weeks from packing. Julian dating can be hard to explain and I only have 500 words, so for more info on Julian Dating, check google for an easy explanation and/or a calculator.

I was quite surprised how using these simple tricks really took my egg recipes to next level status. There is nothing more satisfying than a perfectly prepared cheese omelette, deviled egg or egg sandwich, for dinner.  Not to mention it is easy clean up and easy on the budget! Grandma Josie’s words proved to be EGGSactly right!

Below are three of my favorite egg recipes ! Click the links !

Happy Eating!

Omelette with Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad

Classic Pepper & Egg Sandwich

Candied Bacon & Deviled Eggs

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