Making The Perfect, NO MESS, BLT Sandwich ~ A Tipsy Tuesday Tip

May 22, 2018thetipsyhousewife

I have spent many years working in all sorts of kitchens. Because of this I know many tips and cooking hacks. One of the best tips I was taught was how to cook bacon in your oven. The oven method is the BEST way to cook bacon. The oven cooks the bacon easily, there is no grease splatter to clean up, and it is a great way to add  unique seasonings and flavors to your bacon. Plus you can make a TON at once. Perfect for hosting. BLT’s are probably one of our favorite weeknight meals, so I came up with a delicious new recipe that kicks your traditional BLT up a notch. Follow along for the how to!


Step One, get a package of bacon. I prefer the thick cut bacon as it makes for a better sandwich. For this recipe you will also need a foil covered cookie sheet, 2 T of brown sugar, 1 T of chili powder, some fresh ground black pepper and preheat your oven to 375 degrees.


Next Spread your bacon out on the cookie sheet. You can place the bacon semi close because it shrinks as it cooks, just make sure it’s not overlapping.


Next, sprinkle the chili powder, brown sugar and cracked black pepper evenly across all the slices of bacon.


The cook time will vary for every oven, and because of the bacon you use, so check on the bacon often. Mine took about 20 minutes until it was perfectly cooked.


Remove the bacon from the pan and allow to sit on some folded paper towels while you prepare the sandwich makings.


For this sandwich I use, scallions sliced thin, butter lettuce, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, and sliced tomatoes. I also use a toasted sourdough bread.


Next, assemble your sandwich. Mayo on both sides of the bread, Lettuce on both side, bacon on one side and tomato on the other.


Slice on the diagonal and serve! This is the best kind of Summer lunch or dinner! Pro Tip, make a bunch of bacon on sheet pans and you can store in fridge for one week to use for sandwiches or salads.



For another great sandwich recipe check the PERFECT HAM AND CHEESE SANDWICHimg_7515


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