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November 21, 2019thetipsyhousewife

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I love entertaining around the holidays and I always like to be prepared for unexpected guests. One of my hostess tips is to keep simple ingredients around to be able to present a last minute, Bloody Mary bar that’s sure to impress. When I need to stock up on supplies to have on hand in case I need to throw something together, I head to Walmart! Personally, I do not like those Bloody Mary’s that are overflowing with hamburgers and fried chicken. ​I like simple when it comes to Bloody Mary’s. That’s why I choose Mr & Mrs T® Bloody Mary Mixes​, and especially enjoy the made from scratch taste. They are conveniently available in the mixers aisle at Walmart, and I love that Walmart always has the best low prices. This not only saves me money, but allows me to be able to purchase more ingredients to really make things special for the holidays.

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Make Your Bloody Mary Special

The secret to making my Bloody Mary bar special is adding a few ingredients to take it to that next level without being over the top. Remember when you’re building a Bloody Mary bar that people are expecting a cocktail and a snack. I find that most people love to snack on meats and that cured meats like salami and bacon really pair well with the Mr & Mrs T® Bloody Mary Mixes. I prefer to use the Original and Bold and Spicy Mr & Mrs T® Bloody Mary Mixes but they also have a Fiery Pepper and Horseradish variety. One of my top secret Bloody Mary garnishes is my soon-to-be famous candied bacon. It is simple to make, requires very few ingredients and if you shop at Walmart, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it.

How To Make The Candied Bacon


  • 1 package of Thick Cut Bacon
  • 1/4 C of Brown Sugar
  • 1 t each of black pepper, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, and parsley
  • 1 Cookie Sheet line with foil
  • 1 cooling rack
  1. Place your bacon on the foil lined baking sheet and bake at 300 degrees for about 15 minutes.
  2. Remove the bacon from the pan and spread it out on the cooling rack. When you have placed all your bacon on the cooling rack, put the cooling rack on top of the cookie sheet.
  3. Mix your brown sugar and all your spices.
  4. Sprinkle your brown sugar mix across every piece of bacon.
  5. Place the bacon back in the 300 degree oven for about 15 to 20 minutes or until it is done to your level of crispiness.

Make The Bacon Ahead Of Time

I make this bacon when I have extra time and I store it in the fridge in a flat, air tight container.It can store for up to a two weeks. It is the perfect accent to have on hand for a quick treat or garnish for your Bloody Mary.

Let’s Build The Bloody Mary Bar

Get creative when it is time to shop for your Bloody Mary Bar. Walmart has so many options that you can really explore the grocery aisles and pick and choose unique items to have on hand. I prefer to get some sliced salami, stuffed olives and celery salt for the rim of the glasses. I also head over to the produce department to get celery. Celery just brightens up the whole glass.To make things more special, I buy these canning jars from Walmart to use instead of traditional glasses.

The Mr & Mrs T® mixers are my favorite, and your holiday guests are sure to enjoy too! The flavor is so fresh that guests often think I have made it myself but I always let them know that it is Mr & Mrs T® mixers. Check them out for yourself at your local Walmart today, or visit here to purchase directly online!

All you need to set up the Bloody Mary Bar are the jars, a cutting board. Arrange your meats and olives, dip your rims of your glasses in the celery salt and display your candied bacon in another jar. I also like to put the celery in a jar. Display everything on a cutting board and everyone can build their own Bloody Mary.

This Bloody Mary bar will really wow your guests. You can stock up on all these ingredients at Walmart for very little money and you will never have to worry about not having snacks when guests drop by last minute.

As always, thank you for reading and Happy Drinking!

Love, Tipsy

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