Crispy Russet Potatoes Fried In bacon Fat

Bacon Fat Fried Potatoes

September 27, 2018thetipsyhousewife

This recipe is probably one of my favorites because of how easy it is. I especially hate making breakfast. It takes me back to my restaurant days working Sunday morning when everyone wanted their eggs to order and I was tired from working the weekend. Because of this I am always looking for ways to make breakfast recipes easy for myself. One of the other reasons I love making these Bacon Fat Fried Potatoes is because they require one sheet pan so there is very little clean up.

Awhile back, I posted a recipe for a No Mess BLT where I shared a trick I learned while working those horrid breakfast shifts on how to make bacon for a crowd in the oven, You can read the entire blog post on that HERE . If you already know about the trick great! If not, it’s a simple process. Simply Line a sheet pan with foil, spread out your bacon, be sure they aren’t overlapping, and bake at 375 until your desired crisp is achieved. You can add different seasonings like black pepper and brown sugar or just leave the bacon as is.

I share this bacon knowledge because it is an important step in making the bacon fat fried potatoes. If you would like to add these potatoes to your bacon feast the steps and ingredients are as follows:


  • 3 Russet Potatoes, Skin On, Diced
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Fresh Herb of Your Choice, I used Lemon Thyme


  • While your bacon cook, prep your potatoes by washing them and dicing them.
  • When you are done dicing the potatoes, make sure you dry them well with some clean paper towels.
  • Add your potatoes to a large bowl.
  • When the bacon is done, remove it from the pan and have it drain on some paper towels.
  • Next, take that grease from the pan and drain it into the bowl with the potatoes. I also use a rubber spatula to scrape all those yummy salty bacon bits into the bowl as well. No need to clean the pan, it is perfect for roasting the potatoes.
  • In the bowl, toss the potatoes with the bacon fat, add salt and pepper and herb of your choice.
  • Spread the potatoes on the pan you cooked the bacon on, pop in the oven at 400 degrees and let roast for 25 minutes.
  • Check on them here and there, you will know they are done when they are super crispy.
  • Remove from oven, adjust the seasoning, plate and top with more fresh herbs.
Crispy Russet Potatoes Fried In bacon Fat
Bacon Fat Fried Potatoes with Lemon Thyme


These potatoes are a meal in itself, paired with the bacon they are even more divine. If you want to get really ambitious you can add a fried egg to the top. These Bacon Fat Fried Potatoes will be a great addition to your breakfast repertoire and are perfect for the upcoming holiday season when you have to feed a crowd.



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