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May 29, 2018thetipsyhousewife

Last week I attended the National Restaurant Association Show at McCormick Place with Original Tipsy. If you aren’t familiar it is a food focused convention where people in the food and beverage industry come to check out the latest and greatest in the culinary world. I will be sharing more details about the event soon, it was a fun yet exhausting day. After sampling tons of food and booze at the show, we were in the mood for a proper cocktail and a proper meal. We decided on Kimski in the Bridgeport neighborhood on the South side of Chicago.  Kimski is an extension of Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar, a spot that used to be a place I may or may not have bought beer at with a fake id, over twenty years ago. I had been hearing about Kimski for a very long time and decided it was time to go.

Kimski’s menu concepts are family recipes that are a mash-up of Korean and Polish influences. You can read all about their start HERE. It was an incredible meal and I want to tell you everything I ate and drank here.

Number 1 ~ The Dressed Fries, a combination of soy cream, chili oil, nori, sesame seeds and scallions.


Number 2 ~ Kopo Wangs , get it? Ko-Po is Korean and Polish. Smoked then fried responsibly grown wings dressed in a sweet and spicy house sauce.


Number 3 ~ Princess Pierogi, Handmade dough filled with potatoes and cheese, served with sour cream, parsley and chives.


Number 4 ~ Pork Belly Bowl, Smoked pork belly, house made sweet and spicy gochujang BBQ sauce, chicharron crumbles, served with pea tendril salad over rice.


Number 5 ~ Scallion Potato Pancakes, beer batter, scallions, grated potato with dill, served with kimchi slaw and drizzled with Tamari sour cream sauce, scallions.


Number 6 ~ Korean Rice Cakes / Ddukbokki , Sweet & Spicy Sauce, Cheese, Sunny Side Up Egg, Nori and Fresh Herbs.

Number 7 ~ My Drink, The 11th Ward Old Fashioned, Bourbon, Sugar Cube, Bitters and Cherries.


As you can see each dish was thoughtful, beautifully plated and delicious. I enjoyed each and every one of the dishes and can’t wait to go back and order them again. But if I HAD to rank them in order, here it goes with 1 being my most favorite and 10 being my last favorite.

  • Number 1 ~ Pierogi
  • Number 2 ~ Korean Rice Cakes
  • Number 3 ~ Chive Pancake
  • Number 4 ~ Pork Belly Bowl
  • Number 5 ~ Old Fashioned
  • Number 6 ~ Dressed Fries
  • Number 7 ~ Kopo Wings

Kimski is definitely a place I recommend you go for a unique and delicious experience.  I loved the atmosphere and the staff was great too. Check them out on Instagram as well @kimskichicago.

Until Next Time!

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  • Adeline Skokal

    May 29, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    I love this place food is great and when it’s cooler out you can eat outside

    1. thetipsyhousewife

      May 30, 2018 at 11:59 am

      I can’t wait to come back !

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